What wine for Valentine's Day?

Dear wine enthusiasts, whether you’re for or against Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love is fast approaching, and you’re probably already wondering which wine to choose or gift for a Valentine’s Day unlike any other.
At Maison Tanase, we have curated an exceptional selection of wines to make your Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable.


Which Champagne for Valentine’s Day?


Nothing says “I love you” like a good bottle of Champagne.

Our recommendation for this Valentine’s Day is our Gerbaux Extra-Brut “L’Authentique” Champagne. This affordable gem from Maison Tanase offers a fresh, indulgent, expressive, highly aromatic, and easy-to-drink experience. Perfectly paired with foie gras, white meat dishes, various appetizers, fish dishes, and aged cheeses. Serve at 8°-10°C.

Acheter en ligne Champagne Gerbaux Extra Brut cuvée L'Empreinte de Raymond L'Authentique par Maison Tanase


Perhaps you crave a Vintage Champagne to emphasize the spirit of the occasion? Try our “François Lecompte Brut 2015″ Champagne, blending freshness, structure, delicacy, and excellent value.


Buy online Maison Tanase Champagne Francois Lecompte Brut Millesime 2015


For an even more extraordinary experience, indulge in our exceptional wine, “François Lecompte Extra-Brut 2015” Champagne here below: deep, airy, expressive, complex, mineral, and vibrant – the ideal companion for all your celebrations.


Which Red Wine for Valentine’s Day?

Love, like wine, gets better with time.

For those who prefer red wines, we offer a fantastic selection accessible for quick and easy online purchases. Below are seductive wines, offering great value for money, with red fruit aromas and a velvety texture, creating a sensory experience that will awaken all your senses.


Château Fourreau 2018: A well-balanced Bordeaux Supérieur red wine, with silky tannins and rich aromas of black fruits. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels, produced in a limited edition of only 3000 bottles.

Buy Chateau Fourreau red wine from Bordeaux Superieur by Maison Tanase


Château Mayne Lalande 2011: A high-quality Listrac-Médoc red with ripe black fruit aromas, velvety tannins, and an elegant finish. Perfect with game, grilled red and white meat, hard cheese, beef entrecôte, duck strips, and mushroom tart.

Buy Chateau Mayne Lalande red wine fromListrac Medoc online by Maison Tanase


Château Brown 2021: A well-balanced Pessac-Léognan Bordeaux red with silky tannins and black fruit aromas. Ideal with juicy grilled, roasted, or stewed meats.

Buy Chateau Brown online from Maison Tanase


Château Clinet 2011: An exceptional dry red from Pomerol, Bordeaux, known for its intensity, richness, and concentrated aromas, receiving acclaim from wine enthusiasts worldwide.

Buy Chateau Clinet 2011 online from Maison Tanase Wine & Spirits



Château Phélan Ségur 2017: A great dry red from Saint-Estèphe, considered one of the best in Médoc, powerful, balanced, round, and juicy. Perfect with red meats and cheeses.

Château Phélan Ségur 2017_Saint Estephe_buy online from Maison Tanase


Château Lafite Rothschild 2011: A sought-after Pauillac Bordeaux, Lafite Rothschild is a fruity and flavorful red, an ideal companion for an exquisite Valentine’s Day dinner with your loved one.



Which White Wine for Valentine’s Day?


A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.


Choose Chablis Ride, a dry Burgundy wine, for this Valentine’s Day! Produced by the Tanase family, this limited edition white wine with delightful notes of yellow plum, green apple, ripe citrus, and a hint of honey is perfect with fish dishes, seafood, caviar, foie gras, chicken, pressed cheese, and grilled vegetables.

Buy Chablis Ride white wine from Bourgogne from Maison Tanase


Chardonnay de Purcari, a fresh, floral, and fruity wine from Moldova, is another excellent choice. Imported officially in France by Maison Tanase, it offers a rich bouquet dominated by white flowers and delicious exotic fruits. Ideal with fish dishes, seafood, salads, chicken, fresh cheese, and grilled vegetables.

Buy Chardonnay de Purcari white wine from Moldova by Maison Tanase


Opt for Pinot Grigio de Purcari, a traditional method-made fruity, refreshing, and pleasant Moldovan white wine. Perfect with fish dishes, seafood, chicken, and hard cheese.

Buy online Moldovan wine Pinot Grigio Purcari by Maison Tanase


For an exceptional wine experience choose Alb de Purcari – this is a delicious white wine produced in Moldova and made with 50% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Grigio, and 5% Pinot Blanc. Aged for 6 months in French oak barrels. Perfect with semi-mature cheese with a rind, cod fillet with asparagus and hollandaise sauce.

Buy online Moldovan wine Alb de Purcari from Maison Tanase


Viorica de Purcari is a floral, fruity, and delightfully aromatic wine that brings joy and good spirits. Ideal for this beautiful Valentine’s Day celebration. Quickly and easily buy Moldovan wines online at www.maisontanase.com !

Buy online white whine from Moldova by Maison Tanase Viorica de Purcari


Which Rosé for Valentine’s Day?


Think pink. Drink pink.

The Rosé you need for this Valentine’s Day is Rosé de Purcari – a light, fresh, fruity, and easy-to-drink Moldovan wine. Crafted with 60% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 30% Merlot, and 10% Rara Neagra, it pairs perfectly with tapas, Mediterranean dishes, hard or fresh cheeses, and fish dishes.

Buy Rosé de Purcari dry wine from Moldova by Purcari from Maison Tanase


At Maison Tanase, we believe that every special moment deserves to be celebrated with elegance and refinement. Our Valentine’s Day wine selection has been carefully chosen to create a unique sensory experience, enriching your moments of love and sharing.


We hope this will be helpful when choosing THE wine for your Valentine. Make this Valentine’s Day an unforgettable occasion by choosing one of our exceptional wines.


Order now from our online store www.maisontanase.com and let the magic happen in your glass.


Cheers to love and unforgettable memories!


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