About us

Get to know us

Dynamic, creative and client-oriented, Maison Tanase is a family-run company based in Bordeaux, France. With origins going back to 1986, the house’s raison d’être revolves around the client as its central pillar, and also its unrelenting quest for quality and authenticity.

Although it has a firm local rooting, the company has global exposure. Always keeping its finger on the pulse of the fast-moving wine market, Maison Tanase covers the routes to different national and international trading areas, from e-commerce, national retail, wholesale and on-trade, to direct private sales.

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"Extremely passionate about wine, our main working principle consists in providing you with highquality products, always aiming at building long-lasting collaborations, based on professionalism, mutual trust, and respect.”

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Our philosophy

For us, wine is not only a liquid with a specific flavor, color and taste. We believe wine is a whole culture, an amazing adventure able to embark you through time and continents.

Wine is history, geography, travel, discovery, science, art and music… Wine is a dream, a happy moment spent with the ones we love. It’s an immersive and sensory experience.

Wine is, of course, lots of joy and pleasure; one of the most remarquable results of human civilization...

Over time, we've built a reputation for reliability and absolute trust from all our partners

Strong advocate of French wines, Maison Tanase provides you not only of fine wines from famous estates in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne and Loire, but also with great gems from smaller winemakers. Not forgetting of course about impressive, unique wines from less-wellknown regions, as Moldova is.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll offer you a wide choice of tasted and approved products you’ll fall in love with, as we’re dedicated to putting the best possible wine on your table, in your cellar, in your portfolio.


Small enough to care and big enough to get it done, we succeed despite the challenges, by acting rationally and going beyond the expectations of our clients.


We love setting high standards and taking responsibility for our products, people, collaborations, processes, and performances.


We have a dedicated team, with short lines of communication, that cultivates a sense of urgency in decision-making and execution of processes.