Bordeaux fête le vin 2022 world's greatest wine event

Bordeaux fête le vin 2022 – world’s greatest wine event

Every 2 years Bordeaux hosts one of the largest wine festivals in the world.

“Bordeaux Fête le Vin” is the biggest wine event in Bordeaux, celebrating what this city is most famous for. 

On the occasion of this huge celebration, several hundred thousand people come to enjoy the wines of Bordeaux and the city itself: sailboats on the Garonne, restaurants, tastings, visits… there’s something for everyone! Let’s have a close look at this memorable event!


So how does it work?

During  4 days, professionals and amateurs take part in numerous tastings, workshops and fun activities dedicated to wine.

“Bordeaux Fête le Vin” allows you to taste wines from more than 80 appellations from Bordeaux and the Nouvelle – Aquitaine area and meet the winemakers and other professionals from the domain. While the event is free, in order to actually taste the wines you will have to buy the “Pass dégustation”. You can use the pass for the whole event.

Since the creation of the festival, the world of wine has been staged in multiple artistic and cultural forms thanks to a program that is both qualitative and eclectic.

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The 2022 edition – a success to be repeated every year

More than 1,200 winegrowers, more than 35,000 tasting passes sold in 3 days (!), and more than 14,000 participants in the workshops offered by the wine school! A success to be repeated every year!

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Bordeaux – the world capital of wine

This beautiful celebration allows the public to meet the women and men who contribute to the notoriety of an internationally known name: “Bordeaux” – the world capital of wine.

Culture has become an inseparable component and an additional asset of “Bordeaux Fête le Vin”. Over the years, the event has acquired strong notoriety and has become an unmissable moment for wine lovers, as well as for the uninitiated wine amateurs.

Bordeaux fete le vin 2022_Maison Tanase_Garonne

What was special about this 2022 edition?

We loved this 2022 edition, marked by a stronger relationship with the Garonne – this emblematic river of the region which has historically played a major role in the distribution of Bordeaux wines. At Maison Tanase we are extremely happy to work in the very heart of the world’s wine capital to provide you with the best French wines!

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Did you know that… 

It was in 1998 (on the occasion of the World Cup which took place in France) that the first edition of this celebration took place?

Since that date, every 2 years alternating with “Bordeaux Fête le Fleuve” takes place “Bordeaux Fête le Vin”!

Have you ever taken part in Bordeaux Fête le Vin? Would you like to participate next time?
Tell us in the comments!

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